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Ceramic coating

What is it?

A ceramic coating is a liquid chemical compound made up of nanostructured silanes and siloxanes which cures and bonds to the surfaces on your vehicle such as the paintwork, glass & wheels.

After application, you'll straight away notice the increased gloss and shine to your vehicle, especially if your paint is metallic/ has flakes in.

Once cleaned & decontaminated, your vehicle is ready to be polished using a range of polishing machines, pads and compounds to achieve that desired mirror finish prior to the application of a ceramic coating.

A ceramic coating will only be applied once your desired level of paint enhancement/correction has been completed.


Single Stage Enhancement & 5 year Ceramic Coating -

Removes surface scratches, light swirl marks and imperfections. Perfect for newer vehicles or those in fairly good condition.

from £449

Two-Stage Enhancement & 5 Year Ceramic Coating -

With this stage of polishing you can expect those deeper scratches & imperfections to be reduced/removed in the cutting process, and then refined to achieve that mirror finish we all love!

from  £549

Multi-Stage Paint Correction & 5 year ceramic coating -

This type of paint correction is where we strive for absolute perfection (where safely possible). In this service, your vehicle will receive as many passes as it takes to achieve the best finish possible, before all the hard work being locked in with a ceramic coating giving 5 years+ of protection!

from £649

Add Ons:

Wheels coated - faces only - £119

Wheels coated - faces/backs/barrels - £199

All prices include glass coatings at no extra cost.

Why do I need a ceramic coating?

Ease of cleaning

After application of a ceramic coating, you'll find that your pride and joy is much easier to clean & maintain. This is due to the hydrophobic nature of the coating, creating a surface that contaminants struggle to cling onto.

Protection from harmful UV rays

A ceramic coating will protect your vehicle from fading as it offers UV  protection, therefore prolonging the integrity of your freshly polished paintwork.

Water spot & chemical mark protection

Usually acidic contaminants will damage a vehicle's paint, however, after application of a ceramic coating, these contaminants cannot bond to the surface, therefore preventing these marks. This includes protection against bird lime marks, bug splats & water spots, for example.

Gloss enhancement

If you want the colour of your vehicle to really stand out, a ceramic coating can drastically enhance gloss levels, bringing out the depth in the paintwork. An increase in the depth of your paint adds to a clean & fresh look to your pride and joy.

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