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Audi RS4 Machine Polishing

Machine Polishing

What is it?

Machine polishing is the perfect way to achieve a high-gloss finish on your vehicle by removing surface scratches & swirl marks.

Prior to carrying out this service, preparation is key. The paint must be completely cleaned using a multi stage decontamination process involving a safe wash, iron particle removal, tar spot removal  & claybar treatment (included in price).

Once cleaned & decontaminated, your vehicle is ready to be polished using a range of polishing machines, pads and compounds to achieve that desired mirror finish.

After your vehicle has received a paint enhancement, it's important to protect your paintwork from future damage. We offer two types of protection - 6+ month HYDROPHOBIC WAX or 5 YEAR CERAMIC COATING


Single Stage Enhancement -

Removes surface scratches, light swirl marks and imperfections. Perfect for newer vehicles or those in fairly good condition.

+ hydrophobic wax - from £349

+ ceramic coating - from £449

Two-Stage Enhancement -

With this service you can expect those deeper scratches & imperfections to be reduced in the cutting process, and then refined to achieve that mirror finish we all love!

+ hydrophobic wax - from £449

+ ceramic coating - from £549

Multi-Stage Paint Correction -

this type of paint correction is where we strive for absolute perfection (where safely possible). In this service, your vehicle will receive as many passes as it takes to achieve the best finish possible, before all the hard work being locked in with a ceramic coating.

+ ceramic coating - from £649

Add Ons:

Wheels coated - faces only - £119

Wheels coated - faces/backs/barrels - £199

What are the benefits?

Paint clarity & colour rejuvenation

So whether you're after a single stage, two-stage, or a multi stage paint enhancement, the goal remains the same. The goal is to restore clarity in your paint and remove defects, surface scratches & swirls, bringing out the true colour of your paintwork.

Depth & gloss

The most noticeable benefit of machine polishing is that your vehicle's colour will appear much deeper and will pop, especially if the paint is metallic or has flakes in!

Adds value

A vehicle that has been machine polished is likely to increase in value as it'll be back to looking brand new! Therefore, this service can be seen as an investment for your pride & joy.


All our machine polishing options come with a HYDROPHOBIC WAX as standard, however this can be upgraded to a CERAMIC COATING

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